“Name in Science” Award



“Name in Science” Award

The Academic Union of Oxford awards AUB Professor Fadi Bitar the Diploma of the Knight of the honorary title “Name in Science” in London

The Academic Union of Oxford and the Council of the Rectors Europe awarded AUB Professor Fadi Bitar the Diploma of the Knight of the honorary title “Name in Science”. The award was bestowed on Dr. Bitar during a special ceremony that was held at the Achievement Forum on April 12, 2019 at the Institute of Directors in London, UK.

Dr. Bitar was awarded the prestigious award for “his exceptional contributions to the world of science, his influences to the intellectual development of the modern world, intercultural communications, and partnership and for his humanitarian efforts, which makes the world a better place to live in”. A testimony attesting to the contributions of Dr. Bitar to the advancement of healthcare in developing countries stated: “The brilliant, comprehensive work that Professor Bitar did is exemplary in its depth and breadth and is exceptional and unparalleled in the field of pediatric cardiology, taking into consideration the limited available resources”.

Dr. Fadi Bitar is Professor and Founding Director of the Children’s Heart Center, and Executive Director for External Medical Affairs at the American University of Beirut, Lebanon. He is the Co-Founder of the charitable organization, Brave Heart Fund. Dr. Bitar earns worldwide recognition as one of the leading Pediatric Cardiologists in Lebanon, the region and beyond, and has major contributions, which include the successful establishment of educational and clinical programs is resulting in improvements towards the care of thousands of children with Congenital Heart Disease. Dr. Bitar introduced new modalities and techniques for the treatment of heart diseases, including procedures that were first of their kind procedures in the world and reported worldwide discoveries regarding the genetic causes of CHD. Dr. Bitar is the recipient of several international awards, honors, medals and research grants​.